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Jeff Bradford visits Groot Constantia – The oldest Wine producing Estate in South Africa, creating award winning wines for 330 years. In this episode, you’ll experience how wine is made in this part of the world. Subscribe to the adventure

About Groot Constantia:

If you haven’t heard about Groot Constantia, then it is my pleasure to introduce you to South Africa’s oldest winery. I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t give some of the history about this estate. In 1679 Simon van der Stel was appointed by the Dutch East India Company to govern the Cape of Good Hope. After years of loyal service, he requested land from the Company. He periodically sent out riders to collect soil samples and in 1685 he found a potential wine-growing area that had magnificent scenery situated behind Table Mountain. Over the years the wines produced on the estate caught the attention of influential people across the globe – clearly due to its impressive quality. Global aristocracy made sure that they had enough stock of this acclaimed and precious product.
The estate was named “Constantia” after the Latin word for constancy or steadfastness. These attributes he valued greatly and today the winemaker, Boela Gerber and staff follow in his footsteps to uphold his enduring legacy of perfection at Groot Constantia.

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